All the Magmate flexible magnet material is tested to be able to perform well within temperature from - 5°C -- 100°C. In spite of that, while using our material for your car sign magnet, the acid composition in rain, the unknown chemical composition in paint on your vehicle, and also the dirt outdoor all could possibly function to reduce the performance, and even damage the your car sign. You are thus kindly requested to use your car sign carefully as per the following instruction.

  • If possible, before applying, make sure all the surface paints of your vehicle, waxes are cured after enough time to dry, hardened.
  • Clean the metal surface before your applying of car sign, and make sure the surface is totally dry.
  • If your car is newly painted, beware of what solvent has been used for the paint.
  • Make sure all the car sign is affixed to surface which is smooth, flat, or slightly curved.
  • Thought the temperature tolerance of car sign is tested to perform well within big range, any long-term use to expose to direct sunlight, close to the high-temperature surface of vehicle exceeding 60°C might cause the damage of car sign.
  • You are suggested to remove off car sign weekly, or once after rain, or once it got stained with any dirt, and clean both magnet, and metal surface with mild detergents, then wipe off water with a soft cloth, and allow them to air-dry.
  • In case your vehicle is a new one, or its surface was newly painted, do remember to remove your car sign daily
  • Clean you car sign & metal surface regularly, and keep both them dry.

  • While not using the car sign, keep it clean, dry, and store it flat.
  • Don’t curve, or twist your car sign, or place some objects heavy on top of it.
  • Proper care according to our instruction would guarantee the perfection of performance.