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Magnetic Assembly

Component Part:  Hard plastic body plus magnetic system. This catcher is a powerful auxiliary tool in search for iron/steel things, as it has a large contact surface. The catcher can attract iron/steel parts or things such as screws, screwdrivers, and any presswork for connection in workmanship, or move iron/steel things or separate iron/steel things from other materials.
Application:  Aim the catcher at the iron/steel things to be caught, these things will attach themselves onto the magnetic surface. When separating these things, just put the catcher into a tray, pull the manual handle up and these iron/steel thing will fall into the tray.
Features:  Large attraction surface area (150cm X 100cm), light in weight, easy for application, nice appearance, application temperature is ≤ 80°C
Total Size: 240cm X 100cm X 210cm.