۞ Raw Material
Magmate brand flexible magnet is produced by consolidating high-quality Strontium ferrite powder with polymer matrix, and granulated ready for further processing. Form in profiles, strips & sheets by extrusion or calendering method.

۞ Back Coating
The flexible permanent magnetic sheeting has matt back coating on magnetic side. For purpose of smooth touch, high quality appearance and avoid blocking issues that are sometimes happen on long rolls of plain magnet or high stacks of sheets.

۞ Products Characteristics
  • Magmate brand flexible magnet perform well under the most adverse weather condition from 20F ~ 100F, withstanding exposure to rain, snow, sleet, violet-ray.
  • With rubber-based characteristic, very flexible & bendable; our flexible magnet material can be coiled to 1/4" radius without crack, or break. Product can be easily stamped, slit, die-cut, punched & laminated.
  • Good resistance to the demagnetization and reasonable resistance to chemical agents. Permanent magnetism, magnetic attraction maintained 95% above after 3 years.
  • We provide standard magnetization with multi-poles on the non-laminated side for the flexible magnetic sheeting to assure the superior holding power, custom magnetization can be available upon request.
  • Magmate brand flexible magnet meet entirely the ASTM standard and the European standard on safety of toys EN 71: PART 3: by inductively coupled plasma spectrometric analysis, which promise your assurance of safety satisfaction from MAGMATE.

۞ Applications
Fridge Magnets, Vehicle Signs, Advertising Display, Toys and Games, Educational, Visual Planning, Bin Markers, Graphics, Hand Lettering, Hot Stamping, Die-Cutting, and much more.

۞ Magnetic Performance
Most of Magmate brand flexible magnetic sheeting is an isotropic grade of ferrite having an energy product between 0.63 and 0.73 MGOe; flexible magnetic sheeting with semi-anisotropic / anisotropic grade of ferrite are available for more specialized application, which provide higher energy product demand upon request.

۞ Tolerance
Thickness +/-- 0.03m/m ; Widths +/-- 1.5m/m ; Lengths +/-- 1.5m/m

۞ Attractive Force (Also Known As Pull Force)
Pull Force is the term used to describe the strength of magnetic sheet and is measured in g/cm². This determines how strongly the magnetic material will hold to a ferrous surface. However, different methods of measurement would come out of different numbers. Refer to the Tensile force inspect procedure of Magmate.

Attractive Force Data - Anisotropic Grade
Attractive Force Data - Isotropic Grade

۞ Packing Care
All our products are carefully packaged before the ready for shipment. The typical roll of magnetic sheeting is in 30.5M of length, and rolled with 3 inches core as supporter. All rolls are protected by our standard export carton boxes, or alternatively with wooden case to prevent from damage during the shipment.