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Flexible Magnetic Sheeting

0.75mm (30mil)/0.8mm thick magnetic sheet is particularly recommended for Car Sign applications. Our Car Sign Magnet was tested to be able to perform well within temperature from - 15°C -- 60°C. It was tested and ensured its performance under high speed 100km/hr without falling.

Flexible magnet with "Vehicle Grade" vinyl top layer laminated ideal for silk-screen printing for your car sign application.

Use care instruction for car sign magnet

Supplied in roll
Item No. Size N.W./Roll G.W./Roll Loading N.W./Pallet G.W./Pallet
W(mm) L(M) T(mm) (KGs) (KGs) (KGs) (KGs)
IS-075-W3 620 30.5 0.75 53.9 54.9 12rolls/pallet 658.8 678.8
IS-080-W3 620 30.5 0.80 57.5 58.5 12rolls/pallet 702.0 722.0

Supplied in sheet in inch
Item No. Size Loading N.W./Carton box G.W./Carton box
W(inch) L(inch) T(mm) (KGs) (KGs)
IS-075-W1218 12 18 0.75 25/carton box 9.9 10.9
IS-075-W1224 12 24 0.75 25/carton box 13.2 14.2
IS-080-W1218 12 18 0.80 25/carton box 10.6 11.6
IS-080-W1224 12 24 0.80 25/carton box 14.1 15.1
Remark: Custom size available upon request.

Car Sign Reflection Magnet
This product with light reflection film laminated on it. Made of superior material ensuring the quality of light reflection effect and durability. This bendable magnetic character guaranty the cleanness on the surface of the vehicle as the car sign be taken off. User-friendly features provide driver both safety and convenience at the same time.
Remark: Custom specs upon request