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Magnetic-Receptive Steel Paper Wall Application

Another remarkable and featured application of steel paper is for creating a magnetic-receptive steel paper wall, which is ideal for bulletin board in office, or commercial display, visual planning, & best for children’s room. Hidden steel paper wall can create a message board or simply for decoration in office or at home.

Try to create an unique and creative decoration of your own restaurant?
Our steel paper wall can fulfill your needs, offer the space for your little lovely magnets and changeable menus to create a sweet atmosphere for dinning.

It is perfect for kids to have their own playroom for them to play the letter and number magnets or variety shaped magnets. Helping kids learning through hands on play environment. The applications are limitless.

You can both use glue to laminate our plain steel paper, or simply choose our self-adhesive backed steel paper to adhere it onto the wall. Then, cover your own wall paper on it to create your own unique magnetic-receptive steel paper wall.

See our video showing how to construct a steel paper wall.